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Crafted with Precision, Built to Last. Where Quality Meets Innovation.

INDUS PLYWOODS, established in 1975, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plywood and blockboards. Headquartered in Cochin, Kerala, we cater to the infrastructure industry with an extensive product range across diverse price points.

Our state-of-the-art facilities in Cochin produce eco-friendly and innovative wood products that meet international quality standards. Skilled teams oversee production from sourcing raw materials to delivering exceptional finished goods.

With 500+ dealers across Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and overseas in UAE, we ensure easy availability of our products. Our distribution network continues to expand.

We actively invest in R&D to hone our competitive edge and create cutting-edge plywood solutions aligned with our founding philosophy – to safeguard stakeholder interests through consistent growth fueled by innovation.

As we move forward on our journey, we remain committed to enhancing value for customers, employees, partners and communities while pushing boundaries to take the Indian plywood industry to new heights. Our legacy steers us as we expand our footprint globally.

At the core, we strive to strike the perfect balance between fulfilling the needs of today and preparing for the demands of tomorrow. Our tradition of excellence and reliability makes us a trusted brand.

Our Mission

To safeguard the interests of all the Stakeholders and achieve consistent growth, by Offering Innovative, Eco-friendly, Quality and Cost-effective products through Research and Development. We always promise to take care the customer satisfaction to the next level.

Our Vision

We always look forward with an object to create the Interior and Architectural solution through International Standard. To provide quality products and contribute to the wellbeing of the society and environment through effective and timely intervention.

Visionaries Behind

Founding and Management Team

Innovative Seating Solutions
Cutting-Edge Product Development

Research Drives Progress

Eco-Friendly Resource Conservation
Top-Tier Plywood Production
Pursuit of Perfection Continues

Our Focus

  • Nurture our team: Cultivating our workforce systematically, fostering diversity and engagement.
  • Maximize land potential: Whether timber, real estate, recreation, or conservation, we maximize land assets.
  • Efficient capital allocation: Disciplined capital allocation to high-return projects, creating shareholder value.
  • Promote operational excellence: Prioritizing quality, customer demand, and cost efficiency in product delivery.

Core Values

  • Safety: Foremost in our priorities, without exceptions.
  • Integrity: We act ethically, consistently, and with purpose.
  • Citizenship: We support our communities, ensuring their prosperity.
  • Sustainability: We harmonize present and future requirements.
  • Work Environment: We offer a welcoming and comfortable workplace for all.

Key Behaviors

  • Act swiftly: Accelerate the pace. Decide promptly. Move rapidly.
  • Be responsible: Fulfill our promises punctually and accurately.
  • Show bravery: Embrace risk. Acknowledge errors and progress.
  • Simplify: Avoid needless complexity. Trim excess. Streamline.
  • Innovate: Explore improved ways to cut costs, add value, and serve customers

Our Unique Infrastructure Facilities

We have equipped our facility with modern machinery to optimize productivity. Our manufacturing process includes a carefully composed core selection, overseen by skilled supervisors who eliminate gaps and overlaps.

Utilizing prepress technology, we achieve warp-free plywood with consistent bonding strength, enhancing its flatness and durability. Quality is a paramount focus, with our dedicated team overseeing every stage of production around the clock.

Our technically proficient staff ensures rigorous monitoring and quality control, guaranteeing the delivery of 100% quality products. We prioritize efficiency and punctuality, providing all our customers with timely delivery of top-notch products, valuing both time and resources.

Why Customers Prefer Indus Plywoods

Our plywood boasts a lengthy lifespan, remaining dimensionally stable and warp-free over time. It prioritizes eco-friendliness, employing non-toxic organic chemicals for glue line protection.

Moreover, it offers complete defense against fungus, borer, and termite infestations.

We maintain a well-equipped laboratory with modern equipment to rigorously assess each batch’s plywood quality, ensuring consistent excellence for our valued customers.

Trust And Strength Combined

Indus plywood is an Ideal Product Where Strength, Toughness, Durability, Dimensional Stability And Elegance Are Assembled Hand-In-Hand.
Our Products Are Certified By Indian Standard Institute (ISI) And Is An (ISO) ISO 14001:2015 certificate company. 

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Eco Friendly

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