Shuttering (Film Faced)

Film Faced Shuttering Plywood specially designed for use in concrete frame works and shuttering applications, like the construction of Flyovers, Bridges, Tunnels, multi- storied High rises, concrete mould and precast. Film Faced Plywood is a special form of shuttering plywood with Film on both sides to ensure a mirror look and smooth surface for shuttering purposes. It is cost effective and an excellent finisher. Film Faced Shuttering Plywood is tied with specially formulates Phenolic resin which keeps it from humidity. Plywood pack made of veneers and cross band resin impregnated veneers. Place veneer on either side topped with phenol resin impregnated film laminated under very high pressure and heat after hard-pressed with stainless steel plates. Soft mirror like finish on both faces that replicate on the solid structure and scaffolding for works. Depending upon the cautious handling while fixing, storage, removal and oiling it can be re-usable at several times. During the finishing phase of the production process, a phenol film is placed over the surfaces of the plywood and that is why it is also recognized as film-faced plywood. Our film faced shuttering plywood is as per standard norms.

The Phenolic resin impregnated film protects the board from water absorption..