Commercial Plywood

Our commercial plywood are in moisture resistant (MR ) grade and boiling water Resistance (BWR ) producing different range of commercial plywood as per our customers requirement. Our commercial plywood are ISI 303 standard. We are giving guarantee for moisture resistance and powder free as well as eco friendly. It is ideal for applications in Partitions, Paneling, Cavity flooring, all types of furniture panel doors, cabins hoarding, false ceiling, external balconies or as terrace, doors all of which are exposed to stress, strain alternate damp dusty and extra dry conditions.

** In the unlikely event of any deterioration or insect attack being discovered in the product, Indus Plywood stands guarantee you for the furniture or 3 times cost of the plywood , whichever is less.**

Our plywood's are in following dimensions and thickness

Dimensions 8' X4' 8' X3' 7' X 4' 7' X 3' 6' X 4' 6' X 3' 5' X 4' 5' X 3'
Thickness 18 mm 15 mm 12 mm 9 mm 6 mm