about us

About Us

Our Mission

To safeguard the interests of all the Stakeholders and achieve consistent growth, by Offering Innovative, Eco-friendly, Quality and Cost-effective products through Research and Development. We always promise to take care the customer satisfaction to the next level.

Our Vision

We always look forward with an object to create the Interior and Architectural solution through International Standard. To provide quality products and contribute to the wellbeing of the society and environment through effective and timely intervention.

Our Focus

  • Develop our people: We use a disciplined approach to develop people at all levels of the company to create an effective, diverse and engaged workforce.
  • Deliver the most value from every acre: Whether it's timber, real estate, recreation or conservation, we make the most of all our land assets.
  • Optimize Capital: We are disciplined about allocating capital to high-return projects that will generate value for our shareholders.
  • Drive operational excellence: We're focused on delivering quality products that our customers want and are willing to pay for, and doing it at the lowest possible cost.

Core Values

  • Safety: It's first on our list for a reason. We always start with safety, no exceptions.
  • Integrity: We do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons.
  • Citizenship: The communities where we live and work are important. We help them thrive.
  • Sustainability: we've balanced the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow.
  • Work Environment: We provide comfort and friendly atmosphere to all our employ to make a great place to work.

Key Behaviors

  • Act with urgency: Increase the clock speed. Make decisions quickly. Move fast.
  • Be accountable: Do what we say we're going to do. Do it on time. Do it right.
  • Be courageous: Be willing to take risks. Own up to mistakes and move forward.
  • Keep it simple: Don't overcomplicate. Eliminate what we don't need. Streamline.
  • Be innovative: Seek new and better ways to lower cost, add value, and serve our customers.

Why Indus Plywoods are Preferred Choice of Customers

  • Long Life
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Warp Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-Toxic organic chemicals are used for glue line protection
  • Full protection against fungus, borer and termite attack

Our Unique Infrastructure Facilities

  • Latest and modern machinery installed for effective output.
  • Composed Core: It is very unique process to remove Gap and Overlapping. Core Veneers are selected by talented Supervisors.
  • Prepress Technology: With this technology, plywood is made warp free with equal bonding strength throughout the panel. It gives stronger bonding and flatness to the plywood.
  • Quality: Our quality team supervises and checks various stages of the manufacturing process round the clock.
  • Technically qualified staff for monitoring and supervising the manufacturing process and control quality to ensure 100 % quality products.
  • We value the time and money hence assures all our customers timely delivery of quality products.

Our Quality Department

We have full-fledged laboratory with modern equipments for checking quality of plywood for each batch and assure our products quality to our end users.